Global Liberal Studies

What's GLS major?

Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is an interdisciplinary major that helps students acquire the broad skills and knowledge of the social sciences and humanities needed to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world. The major is fully English-medium instruction (EMI), in which all classes are content-based and taught by professors from various academic fields within the humanities and social sciences. Thus students must already have English as their first or second language as a foundation for successful study in the program.

Extra classes taught in English

As part of your electives, and to fulfill 140 credits, GLS students can take a variety of English-medium classes from other majors in the School of Global Studies. These classes include:

Course Titles

  • Introduction to International Business
  • Japan & world Economy
  • Lecture on Cross-cultural Management
  • Introduction to Global History
  • International Development Studies Ⅰ
  • Glocal Studies in Japan
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Global Business and Leadership
  • Lecture on Foreign Policy

Language Education

The School of Global Studies offers a World Language Program whereby GLS students earn 40 or more credits for Japanese language education.Our program is designed for students who have never learned Japanese or are at a beginner’s level to understand Japanese linguistic structures and learn useful daily expressions and basic phrases step by step. By the time they graduate, they will be able to comprehend short articles written for native Japanese speakers and to communicate orally according to various situations and types of people. Specifically, the goal is to reach Level N2 or N1 in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The students who have passed Level N1 in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test are eligible to take「 College-level Japanese LanguageⅠA~ⅣB」,「Japanese LanguageⅠA~ⅡD」,「Japanese AffairsⅠA~ⅢB」or「Business JapaneseⅠ・Ⅱ」. These courses are originally designed for international students other than GLS students.

Graduation Research

Senior students work with one faculty member on a capstone project which allows them to integrate what they have learned of a particular culture or discipline into a broader global framework. The final project may take the form of a traditional thesis, or an alternative project format, mutually agreed upon with the faculty advisor.


James D'Angelo

James D'AngeloProfessor

Preparing Leaders for The 21st Century

Chukyo University has opened the School of Global Studies to nurture human resources who will be active on a global stage. The Global Liberal Studies major has been created as part of this program. Here is an opportunity for international students and returnees to meet and learn together. The educational goal of the GLS major is to foster human resources who can find practical solutions to issues shared around the world. This requires language skills for negotiation and deliberations, as well as an understanding of various cultures, analytical skills, and ethics, from a global perspective. Through the wideranging studies in the GLS major, we hope to refine the students’ abilities so they can show leadership that will create a better world. Japan’s role in Asia and in the world will become more important. This is why it is significant to study in Japan. I hope to apply the connections I have created at international conferences and my experience as a professor to support the growth of each student. Tell us your dreams, and take your first step toward that dream at GLS.

John Esposito

John EspositoProfessor

Learning and experiences that connect the world

In the GLS major curriculum, I am in charge of Environmental Issues, World Civilization, and Media. I hope that through their studies, students will learn that the world is connected. I want them to understand that the issues each country faces are actually connected, and cannot be solved just on their own. Students from various countries will gather at the GLS major. It is a truly international place. You will realize that there are many ways of thinking through exchanges with your classmates, Japanese students in other majors and faculties, and with people of the community. You will have the chance to learn about Japan during your studies here. You will also have opportunities to travel throughout Japan, and learn about local cultures and differences in values. You will have many valuable experiences during your studies in Japan, just as I have had. Come to GLS to gain an international education and sense. We welcome you here at GLS.

Voices of GLS Majors

Zainab Ayesha Baig

Zainab Ayesha BaigGrade:3rd year

GLS Major provides both diverse knowledge and Japanese skills

In Japan, women can work at the frontlines of the business world. With a dream of working in such a wonderful country, I decided to pursue my studies in the GLS Major program to give myself a diverse knowledge and a solid foundation in the liberal arts. While some colleges offer courses taught in English for the international students, Chukyo University also offers GLS students the opportunity to learn the Japanese language, which was the deciding factor for me in selecting Chukyo University. In the International Academic Relations class, students discuss and give presentations on global topics. It is fascinating to gain a deeper understanding of various countries, including my own. In the diverse learning environment of Chukyo University, I want to master Japanese, acquire business knowledge, and become a contributing member of the global society.

Interviewed in December 2020

Maria Afzal

Maria AfzalGrade:2nd year

The GLS major in the School of Global Studies, which I belong to, has many international students from all over the world, including Indonesia, Nepal, Korea, and the United States. In classes such as "Global Media and Culture," "Global Governance and Society," and "Global Peace and Security," I am studying in English about various cultures and issues. My current goal is to develop strong critical thinking skills for the future.

In the future, I would like to take advantage of what I learn at Chukyo University to get a media-related job. There are various English-language media outlets in the world such as Al Jazeera, CNN, NHK World, and BBC. Yet even if the media reports on the same event, they tend to show a certain bias, so the story may be covered quite differently. At this point, I hope to build a career as a news anchor person. Also, due to the influence of the coronavirus, I still have few Japanese friends. From now on, I want to make many more Japanese friends!

Interviewed in February 2022

Tuition fee for students

(currency: yen)

Enrollment fee
Tuition fee
Facilities fee
Misc. expenses

✽Payment of the enrollment fee is required only at the time of enrollment.

To allow international students to focus on their studies without worrying about their financial situation, Chukyo University offers all international students with a student visa a 30% reduction in their tuition fees over the 4-year period of study.

(currency: yen)

Enrollment fee
Tuition fee
Facilities fee
Misc. expenses

Note: The above tuition fees are not final and are subject to change following revision of the “School Regulations.”Please check the enrollment procedure guidelines for the breakdown of the payments.

Chukyo University Scholarship for Foreign Students

This admission fee scholarship is offered to foreign students to support their continuing academic education.

Chukyo University's School of Global Studies offers four years of challenge to
help you face the challenges of the 21st century.
Languages and cultures, the worlds of politics, economics, literature,
philosophy and more ― all yours to discover.



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