Application and Enrollment Questions

Can I enroll in September?
We currently only accept admissions for April enrollment.
I've never been to Japan and I don't speak Japanese. Can I still study at Chukyo?
Absolutely. Chukyo's Global Liberal Studies (GLS) program is designed to provide an atmosphere where language is never a barrier to learning. All core classes, and the majority of available elective courses are taught in English.
Am I required to submit an English proficiency exam score?
GLS requires an English level of CEFR B2 or better to apply. If you cannot submit one, you can prove your English proficiency by attending the Pre-Interview in English.
Do you accept "Returnee" students (who have returned to Japan after living abroad)?
Welcome home. Yes, we also accept returnees to the GLS major. You can find more details in the ADMISSION GUIDE FOR RETURNEE STUDENTS (ENG/JPN).
I am older than most students. Does this affect my application's chances?
Not at all. Chukyo is welcome to all ages. We value your experiences and would hope that we can all benefit from them.
Can I use an International Baccalaureate for application?
Yes, you can use an International Baccalaureate toward satisfying the eligibility requirements for the GLS major.
Are there any requirements for the SAT/ACT?
There is no requirements for the SAT/ACT to apply for the GLS major.
If I enroll in the GLS major, will credits acquired from other universities be accepted?
There is a possibility that these credits are transferable after enrollment at Chukyo University.
How can I apply to the GLS major from overseas?
You can apply to the GLS major on our website during the allotted application period. For details, please reference the admission guides you can find under APPLICATION GUIDANCE. We encourage you to contact the Admissions Office to discuss your specific circumstances.
I am currently in my last year of high school. When should I submit my application?
If you are currently in your last year of high school, you may apply at any time during the application period so long as you will graduate before the beginning of the academic year you will be attending Chukyo. You will need to submit your most recent official transcripts with your application along with your other required documentation. For further details, please refer to the "ADMISSION GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (ENG/JPN)". Documents required for the enrollment procedures will be mailed together with the notification of acceptance.
In my country, only 11 years of education are required to graduate from high school. Can I still apply?
Students are required to have completed either 12 years of formal school education in Japan or an equivalent that is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), or have obtained an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma from the IB Organization. We encourage you to contact the Admissions Office to discuss your specific circumstances.
Can I use Advanced Placement (AP) credits for admission?
Unfortunately, we do not accept Advanced Placement (AP) credits for admission.
Is one application round more advantageous than the other? Or are they all the same?
Neither application round has an inherent advantage over the other as each applicant is vetted based on their suitability for the program.
Are there any restrictions on nationality to apply to the Global Liberal Studies Program?
None at all. We accept applicants from any and all nationalities.
I submitted my application, but I have not heard anything from Chukyo. How can I stay updated on my application’s status?
Be aware that it takes some time to verify all your application documents. In case you do not receive a submission confirmation email within one week, please reach out to us by email at [gls-admissions@ml.chukyo-u.ac.jp].
Will you let me know if I forget to submit one of my documents?
Of course. We will review your application and if any required materials still need to be included, we will contact you. Please be sure to check your applications and documentation beforehand.
After applying, I moved or changed my mailing address. How should I update this information?
Please contact the Chukyo University Admission Division at [gls-admissions@ml.chukyo-u.ac.jp] to update your information.
What are Chukyo's privacy policies during the application process?
Like many institutions and businesses in Japan, Chukyo University takes your privacy very seriously. Please refer to section 8 "Enrollment Procedures and Privacy Policy" in the "ADMISSION GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (ENG/JPN)" instruction for details.
Is there any support for students with disabilities during the application or while applying?
Yes, we do. If requested, Chukyo can provide special assistance during the application process. Within the "ADMISSION GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (ENG/JPN)", the "Guide for Completing the Application Process and Studying with Physical Disabilities" section details Chukyo University's policy.
If I live abroad, can I do the interview remotely?
Please check the "ADMISSION GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (ENG/JPN)" and contact Chukyo University Admission Division at [gls-admissions@ml.chukyo-u.ac.jp].
What kind of questions are asked on the exam? During the interview?
Past exam questions and model answers are available on the Global Liberal Studies Net Campus webpage. The interviews themselves are conducted by Global Liberal Studies professors and are tailored to examine each applicant's perceived strengths and weaknesses.
How long does it take until I receive my admission result?
You can use the "Entrance Examination Results Information Service" to verify your exam result. Please refer to the "ADMISSION GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (ENG/JPN)" for the Exam Result Announcement Date. Chukyo University does not notify you of your Exam results by any other means.
Can I apply for other universities/colleges/educational institutions while applying for Global Liberal Studies?
You are allowed to apply at other universities/colleges/educational institutions so long as the entrance exam is not scheduled on the same date.
Do I need to pay in Japanese yen?
Yes, you are required to pay in Japanese yen.
I cannot afford to pay the amount listed on the Invoice for Enrollment Procedure Fees all at once. Can I pay in installments or after I arrive at Chukyo?
Unfortunately, we do not accept payments in installments or delayed payments.
I have submitted all documents and paid all enrollment fees. When will I receive my COE?
Once you have submitted all documents and paid all enrollment fees, Chukyo will submit your application for COE to Japan's Immigration Services Agency. You can expect to receive your COE by late February to early March. If you haven't received your COE by that time, please contact Chukyo University Admission Division.
As part of the COE application, I must send documents such as bank statements. Can I send a photocopy?
It is highly recommended that you send either bank-certified or notarized statements. Most banks will accommodate requests for certified statements and will send them directly to Chukyo Admissions. Failing to do so may result in significant delays that may jeopardize your obtaining a student visa in time to begin your studies.
What is a student visa? How do I get it?
The "Student" status of residence is granted for the sole purpose of studying in Japan. The procedure is different whether you are already living in Japan or not. Please refer to the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)'s "Immigration Procedures and Status of Residence Related to Studying Abroad" page for further instructions.
When should I travel to Japan?
You will be able to travel to Japan only after you are issued your student visa at your local Embassy or Consulate General of Japan. Typically students arrive by the 3rd week of March, before the start of inductions on April 1st. It's advised that you give yourself sufficient time to arrange accommodations and become familiar with the area.
What airport in Japan should I fly in to?
The closest airport to Nagoya is Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO). If there are no convenient connecting flights to Chubu Centrair, you can reach Nagoya by bullet train (Shinkansen) from most major cities, such as Tokyo or Osaka.
Can my family accompany me when I travel to Chukyo for the first time?
Your family is welcome to accompany you to Japan but they will need to arrange their own accommodation and apply for a short-term visa (if applicable).
I have been accepted! Can I defer my enrollment?
Unfortunately, deferral is not an option. We can only offer you enrollment in the academic year you applied for.

Tuition and Scholarship

How much are the tuition fees for the GLS major?
To allow international students to focus on their studies without worrying about their financial situation, Chukyo University offers all international students with a student visa the Chukyo University Tuition Support Scholarship for International Students. This provides for 30% of a student’s tuition fees. Students are automatically enrolled in their first year at Chukyo but must meet minimum credit requirements for subsequent years studying at Chukyo. The minimum completed credit requirement for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th academic years are 28, 65, and 102 credits respectively. Please check the GLS major webpage for details.

Note: The above is current as of 2023. Specific details may change over time.

What kind of scholarships are available?
There is a scholarship unique to Chukyo University, the "Chukyo University Foreign Student Scholarship".
Please check the details below:
Subject Privately funded international students who have excellent academic performance but which for financial reasons are having difficulty continuing their studies.
Number of applicants Up to 7 undergraduate students
Recruitment period Spring semester: April
Fall semester: around October
Monthly payment Undergraduate students recieve a monthly payment of 45,000 yen
Payment period The 6 months of the Spring semester (April-September) and Autumn semester (October-March)

Note: The above is current as of 2023. Specific details may change over time.

Not only can international students apply to various scholarship organizations but also university-recommended scholarships. Applicants are selected by the university and subsequently applied via the university. For information, please contact the Global Education Center after enrollment.

Studying at Chukyo

Will I be studying Japanese while in GLS? Is it required?
Yes and yes. The goal is for you to reach Level N2 or N1 in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) by the time of graduation. You will take a placement test at the beginning of your first year at Chukyo and you will be placed in a class that suits your acutal language level the best. We offer beginner to advanced courses; the latters are very challenging but will greatly prepare you for work and life in Japan.

Life on Campus and in Japan

Is it expensive to live in Japan?
Compared to similarly sized cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, Nagoya has a very reasonable cost of living.
How do most students commute to campus? Can students have a car or motorbike?
Chukyo's Nagoya campus is conveniently located near Yagoto Station, allowing for easy access by subway. Simply walking or cycling is also common among Chukyo students.

Motorcycles are restricted to a 50cc displacement or less. Dedicated on-campus parking lots may be used after registering your motorcycle and obtaining permission. Due to space and parking constraints commuting by automobile is prohibited.
Can I do part-time jobs after enrolling at Chukyo University?
Yes, Chukyo University allows international students to pursue part-time work as long as it doesn't hinder their studies. However, you need permission from the Regional Immigration Services Bureau in order to obtain a work permit. With the proper permissions you can work up to 28 hours per week. During breaks and vacations, you are permitted to work 8 hours per day, 40 hours a week.
What kind of part-time job opportunities are there for me?
There are a wide variety of opportunities here in Nagoya. As an example, many of our current international students teach English, tutor, clerk at convenience stores, or work in restaurants.
Do you offer support for job hunting?
If desired, the Chukyo Career Support Division will assist you in your search for a job in Japan. We advise you to visit their office starting in your first year. Don't wait until you are close to graduation!

Once you receive an official job offer, your prospective employer will support you in obtaining a working visa. If you are unsure, please reach out to them for further instructions.
What dining options are available on campus?
Chukyo's Nagoya campus offers several dining options at the two food courts, as well as an on-campus café. Many students also purchase meals and snacks at the two on-campus convenience stores.
What about getting a phone and phone plan in Japan?
You may be able to use your current cell phone here in Japan, however, be aware that Japanese networks only use CDMA, thus GSM phones will not work here. Frequency band incompatibility may be an issue as well. Also, be aware that some contract phones have locks that may not allow access to Japanese networks. It's best to do some research before you arrive. Otherwise, there are a variety of phone options and providers here in Japan.
Does Chukyo offer consultation services in regard to academic or living considerations for students undergoing medical treatment or whom have a pre-existing mental or physical medical condition?
Please contact Chukyo University Admission Division at gls-admissions@ml.chukyo-u.ac.jp prior to submitting your application in case you require accommodations during the entrance exam (and beyond).
Is there any support for reaching the campus from the airport?
If you arrive at Chubu Centrair International Airport (the closest international airport to Chukyo), you can sign up for the Airport Pick-Up Service if you arrive within the designated pickup period. Details of dates, times, and pick-up location will be available in your Enrollment Procedure Guideline that you'll receive from Chukyo.
How much is the Airport Pick-Up Service?
The Airport Pick-Up Service is provided free of charge.
When and how do I apply for the Airport Pick-Up Service?
Detailed instructions will be made available in your Enrollment Procedure Guideline that you'll receive by e-mail after the Entrance Examination results are announced.
Where does the Airport Pick-Up Service bus stop?
After leaving Chubu Centrair International Airport, the bus will make only a few stops designated by Chukyo University. Additional information will be provided with the Enrollment Procedure Guideline that you'll receive by e-mail after the Entrance Examination results are announced.

National Service and Veteran Affairs

Does Chukyo University accept the US Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)?
Yes, we do and would be happy to assist you in claiming your benefits.
I am planning to apply with the US Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33). Can my family join me during my studies?
Your dependents are eligible for a Japanese visa during your studies. In this case a dependent being defined as "spouse or child supported by a person residing in Japan with a status of residence of "Student".

Immigration Services Agency of Japan (ISA): Status of Residence "Family stay"
I have to perform compulsory military service. What should I do?
It is possible to request a leave of absence for several consecutive years in cases of compulsory service. You may want to consider referring to your national service's exemption or deferment options.


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