• Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is a major taught in English.

Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is a major taught in English.

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GLS is an interdisciplinary major that helps students acquire the broad skills and knowledge of the social sciences and humanities needed to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world. The major is fully English-medium instruction (EMI), in which all classes are content-based and taught by professors from various academic fields within the humanities and social sciences. Thus students must already have English as their first or second language as a foundation for successful study in the program.

The School of Global Studies offers a World Language Program whereby GLS students earn 40 or more credits for Japanese language education. Our program is designed for students who have never learned Japanese or are at a beginner’s level to understand Japanese linguistic structures and learn useful daily expressions and basic phrases step by step. By the time they graduate, they will be able to comprehend short articles written for native Japanese speakers and to communicate orally according to various situations and types of people. Specifically, the goal is to reach Level N2 or N1 in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. The students who have passed Level N1 in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test are eligible to take "College-level Japanese LanguageⅠA~ⅣB","Japanese LanguageⅠA~ⅡD","Japanese AffairsⅠA~ⅢB"or"Business JapaneseⅠ・Ⅱ". These courses are originally designed for foreign students other than GLS students.


Admission fee 200,000
Tuition per year 1,275,000
Total 1,475,000

Benefits for Foreign Students who will have student visa

  • ・Tuition Reduction for Foreign Students
    In order for foreign students to focus on their studies without worrying about their financial situation, Chukyo offers all foreign students a 30% reduction in their tuition fees over all 4 years of study.
  • ・Chukyo University Scholarship for Foreign Students
    This admission fee scholarship is offered to foreign students to support their continuing academic education.

※The admission fee is paid one time only at the time of admission.

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